What is Teledermatology?

The internet revolution is still going pretty strong. A number of the sectors that had not yet been influenced by it are now getting assimilated in it. Healthcare is one of the most prominent ones among these sectors. While hospitals had been using online technology for a number of years for providing support to the patients, they weren’t being utilized to their full potential. This however is changing. Doctors of the modern generation are thinking on the lines of incorporating online consultation as a means of providing diagnosis to the patients while they sit in their home. This would help patients who are living in far flung areas to get instant access to doctors. Teledermatology is great an example of this.  

Teledermatology is a branch of dermatology where in the use of telecommunication and online technology is being made to bring patient information to the doctors. It is a popular new approach of e-medicine which is being used by a number of patients nowadays for getting their skin issues checked by certified dermatologists. In Teledermatology, the patients are asked to upload images of their skin issues on a website which are reviewed by dermatologists within a period of 24 hours. The diagnosis of the patients is then sent back to them in the form of email or audio files. Visit reclaimyourskin.co.uk if you want to seek an online consultation with a dermatologist. 

Benefits of Teledermatology

Teledermatology has captured the imagination of the people in a relatively short period of time. The idea of getting your skin issues checked without having to even step out of your home has been a great hit with the patients. The following are some of the other benefits of Teledermatology that have got many people interested in this field of e-medicine which is currently booming.

• Instant Access to Dermatologist

The greatest benefit of Teledermatology is that it offers patients instant access to a dermatologist. Even those patients who live in areas where there are no dermatology clinics or dermatologists available can get consultation from one using Teledermatology. All they have to do is to take pictures of their skin related issues using the camera of their Smartphone and send them over to the dermatologist using the internet. Their diagnosis will be send back to them and they can easily find out what skin disease they are suffering from. 

• More Dermatologist Options 

Another great advantage that Teledermatology is offering patients is that of broadening their dermatologist options. No longer are patients limited to consult with only those dermatologists that are present in their area or local hospital. With the help of Teledermatology, a patient can ask for an online consultation from a dermatologist living in another state if they aren’t satisfied with the diagnosis made by their local dermatologist. In fact, this method of online consultation has helped many patients in getting the right diagnosis for their skin related issues as they were able to contact a more experienced and qualified dermatologist. 

• Time Saving

Teledermatology helps in saving the time of both the patients and the dermatologists. It allows them to communicate with each other whenever they feel like it. In Teledermatology, there is no concept of taking an appointment and waiting for weeks on end just to go to the dermatologist and getting yourself checked up. You can simply have your online consultation done by snapping a photo and uploading the image on the website. The diagnosis will be sent back within a period of 24 hours by the dermatologist of your choice. Now, that is called time saving.   

Online Healthcare in Other Industry Hubs

The concept of Teledermatology is not a new one. In fact, online healthcare has become quite popular in various industry hubs around the globe. India and Africa are among the places where online healthcare is seen as the future of healthcare services. The reason for this is that in those areas, people live in far off areas and access to doctors isn’t that easy. Online healthcare provides a solution for the patients as they can get consultation from the best doctors without having to even leave their homes. 

Apart from online healthcare services, online pharmacies have become quite active in India in the past couple of years. They have started supplying medicines to the elderly people who are not able to get out of their homes to buy prescription drugs for themselves. Moreover, they are also ensuring that medicines are delivered to far flung villages that don’t have access to a local pharmacy.    


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