Taking care of the health of children

As a mother or father, you will pay special attention to the health of your children, as well as possible signs of any kind of condition. As they develop, children might experience a wide range of diseases of varying severity. Most are mild and pass away in a few days, but every now and then, they might face a more serious condition that could even pose a threat to their lives. 

Early diagnose is fundamental for the safety and health of your children. The earlier a problem is detected, the better it can be treated and the higher the chance of uneventful recovery. Even if some parents get scared at signs that end up meaning nothing or nor being dangerous at all, it is often better to be careful and take any possible sign of a problem seriously, instead of posing the risk of overlooking actual symptoms that should have been taken into consideration while there was still time.

Pediatrics encompass all areas of children's health, and since this is such a complex field of study, there are many medical specialities that focus on different aspects of their bodies and minds. 

Taking care of the health of children is a task that has its own challenges and gratifications. Children might not always be the best patients, so it takes special sensibility, empathy and charisma to connect with them and help them feel better. They need to feel safe and confident in a doctor's office or a hospital, and that's why good pediatricians are very special people who devote themselves to healing and relieving children of their suffering.

Pediatric dermatology

It is important that you get your children's skin regularly checked, since they tend to suffer from skin conditions at least as frequently as adults, and many symptoms of non-dermatological sicknesses can also manifest on your kid's skin.

Most skin disorders during infancy are non-life threatening and might even get better on their own, but still you should keep an eye on your child's skin and make a consultation with a doctor as soon as you see something odd or new on their skin. A good pediatric dermatologist will be able to identify the skin feature and offer a short list of possible causes on the spot. In case more testing is required, they should let you know, so you can proceed with the process of finding out the real cause of the symptom and, if neccessary, take proper measures such as treatment or lifestyle changes.

Why you need a pediatric dermatologist

Child skin problems can be caused by a series of factors. Some are skin problems in themselves, for example those caused by fungi. However, since a child's skin is especially sensitive to their environment, both physical and emotional, the causes might be somewhere else, and you will only know thanks to the guidance of an experienced pediatric dermatologist.

For example, skin rashes and lesions might be caused by allergies, which are common among children. Also, emotional distress and anxiety may cause skin disorders in children. Among the most common of those skin disorders you have psoriasis, eczema/dermatitis, and some say even vitiligo.

Skin disorders in children require quick treatment. Sometimes the condition gets worse rapidly and you need to stop it, but most of the time, it's because children are more likely to hurt themselves than adults because of a skin condition. Itchy rashes in particular are dangerous; children migth scratch themselves too much and hurt their own skin, even causing bleeding and potential infections. Picking crusts is another common behaviour that might make a rash or skin lesion worse. Even if you tell them to leave their lesions alone, they might not listen, so you need to get a dermatologist's advice and get treatment whenever it's available.

However, it might be difficult to get an appointment in time. Maybe you are busy or you have conflicting schedules, or the clinic doesn't have availability for the next couple days. In those cases, the best thing that you can do is get online assistance for your child's skin features. Here at Reclaim your Skin, we offer online guidance. All you have to do is follow the instructions on our main page and send us clear pictures of your child's skin and anything that is worrying you.

You will receive confidential and expert feedback on what your child's skin feature looks like, and whether or not you should get treatment and/or further testing to figure out what is going on with it.

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