The Growth of the Telemedicine Industry

The growth of the telemedicine industry in recent times should not come as a surprise at all because ever since the growth of communication technology, it only has been a matter of time before people started to look for clinical help from their homes. With Skype and various other communication methods available, there is simply no need to leave your house for a medical consultation. There are two major benefits of telemedicine which has helped in growing the industry. The first one is the obvious comfort provided for both the doctor and the patient as the doctor can easily check the patient whenever he’s free and the patient doesn’t need to wait for his time as all he needs to do is sit in front of a computer or a laptop. The second one is that it is a viable way as there is usually no chance of misdiagnosis when the patient is not physically present because most doctors just listen to their patient’s symptoms and make their decision on that basis only. To say that online doctor consultation are redefining how people seek healthcare won’t really be wrong at all. 

A great thing about telemedicine apart from the comfort is that patients don’t need to wait for appointments anymore. With there being no geographical or physical boundaries, the number of doctors available increase a lot and this ensures that there is no waiting on the part of the patient for an appointment. Usually, with the options limited due to geographical and physical constraints, patients often have to wait for as long as a month to get an appointment with a doctor. During this entire period, the patient’s problem may intensify and increase too. 

What is Teledermatology?

Teledermatology is a field of telemedicine which has proven to be a great idea for all patients with skin related issues and problems. The idea of the patient communicating with a dermatologist through the internet to get his problems related to skin checked and resolved is called Teledermatology. 

The good thing about Teledermatology is that it is as effective in almost all cases as a physical checkup. The only reason why people hesitate in trying Teledermatology is that they feel that the chances of a misdiagnosis without a physical checkup remain high. This is because people feel that there is a need for a physical checkup for the dermatologist to see the visible issues with skincare. Only after observing the skin issues himself, the doctor can decide which condition might be affecting the patient. However, this concern of the patients is not exactly correct. Research and studies have shown that 85% of skin issues can be fully diagnosed by a dermatologist with a photo taken by a smartphone. This is a very big number and means that almost all the skin related issues can be diagnosed just by seeing a picture. This is made possible by the fact that the pictures taken by smartphones these days are very clear and give dermatologist the same view he would have had when he would have physically checked the patient. 

Benefits of Teledermatology

There are a number of benefits of Teledermatology and when you would use it to get your skin related issues resolved you will be able to reap them. The benefits include:

Checkup from the comfort of your home

There is no need to travel anywhere and there is no need for your turn to come in order to get the checkup done. With Teledermatology, you can have the checkup of your home. This means that you can connect with your dermatologist at the convenience of your very own home. It’s pretty cool. You would save costs of the commute as well as there would be no travelling involved.

Access to a Wider Variety of dermatologists

You won’t be restricted to the dermatologists who operate in your area. The limited choices if you want a physical examination create two problems. Firstly, it would be difficult to get a quick appointment with the dermatologist since he would have a lot of patients. Secondly, you won’t have the choice to choose a dermatologist with more experience or a dermatologist with better qualifications. With teledermatology, you will get the chance to access a wider variety of dermatologists. You get around the clock access to doctors who can diagnose conditions without a physicall examination with Teledermatology and with an increased pool, you can get an appointment quicker and get one with a doctor of your liking.

All in all, telemedicine in general and Teledermatology in particular are great fields and you must not ignore this concept because it has so many benefits. The fact that Telemedicine visits via smartphones, laptops are increasing shows that many people are rightfully placing their trust in technology and you shouldn’t shy away from doing the same. 


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