Healthy Skin Matters

Did you know that skin is the largest organ in the body based on size? It is one of the most important organs in the body. Not only does it come into contact with the outside world, it also holds body fluids which prevents dehydration. In addition, it keeps harmful microbes out, protecting us from infections and due to the nerve endings in your skin, you are able to feel things such as pain, cold and heat. If these nerve endings were not in the skin, you would be unable to feel and if you were unable to feel, you could get hurt badly and you would not even know it. Because the skin is such an important organ, it is important that it is kept as healthy as possible otherwise you will end up getting sick or experiencing damages to you internal organs, muscles and bones. 

Regular Skin Examination is Beneficial

One way of keeping your skin healthy is by having regular skin examination. By regularly checking your skin, you give yourself a good opportunity of spotting signs of damages to your skin which can be indications of serious skin diseases such as skin cancer. By conducting regular skin examinations, you not only get to know your skin better but you also gain a better understanding of what is normal on your skin so that you can easily identify the abnormalities. The more often you check your skin the more chances you have of detecting potentially cancerous areas of the skin before they progress into something more dangerous. 

Early Diagnosis of Skin can save your life

When examining your skin, there are a few things that you should take into consideration. You should look for:

Changes in the size of moles/spots/outbreaks

Changes in the shape of moles/spots/outbreaks

Changes in the color of moles/spots/outbreaks

Red or Inflamed moles/spots/outbreaks

Painful, itchy, and oozing moles/spots/outbreaks

If you notice any of the above symptoms, it is possible that you are suffering from a skin condition and should have it immediately checked by a dermatologist. Having abnormal moles, spots and outbreaks on your skin checked by a dermatologist can be a very important step in the early diagnose of skin diseases and might end up saving your life. A dermatologist will carefully examine any mole, spot, outbreak, growth and dry patch on your skin to determine whether or not it is harmful. He or she may also use a dermatoscope to aid diagnose. This device is very helpful in skin diagnosis as it shines light on the skin and magnifies it so that the dermatologist can clearly see the pigment and structures in the skin which will allow the dermatologist to determine whether or not, you have a skin condition. 

Technology and Skin Examinations and Diagnosis

Because the early diagnosis of skin diseases can save your life, scientists are constantly looking for ways to make skin examinations and diagnosis easier. The technology surrounding skin examinations has been revolutionary. Can you believe that patients can use their phones to take part in medical researches and to gather and communicate relevant information pertaining to the health of their skin? In addition, systems known as Automated Total Body Imaging Systems are used to detail all parts of the body conducting in-depth screening of the skin through the use of multiple cameras. These systems do not only standardize screening but they also make early detections very easy.

In addition to making the screening and detection process easier and more effective, technology has also made it easier for patients to have a medical consultation with their dermatologists through telemedicine and virtual consultation. Most people are aware of how important it is for them to have their skin checked by a dermatologist but many people do not do so because they get caught up in the daily demands of life. Having your medical consultation with your dermatologist via the internet is not only practical but it is also convenient. Instead of having to wait for months for a regular appointment with your GP who would then refer you further to a dermatologist, you can get your responses early through online consultation. 

A lot of people do not focus on their skin because they do not realize the importance of their skin; however, if you were to truly focus on your skin and understand its relevance, you will realize how vital it is for you to have regular dermoscopy conducted to make sure that your skin remains healthy. Being given the opportunity to conduct online dermoscopy should not be seen as a burden or something that you do not have time to do. Instead, it should be seen as preventive maintenance and as a means to making sure your skin remains healthy.

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