There is a reason why you are going bald!

Are you going bald? Are you trying to identify the cause of you going bald but are unable to do so? Going bald is the result of excessive or abnormal hair loss which is a medical condition known as alopecia. Hair loss is common in both men and women and is a sign that something is wrong. In some people, hair loss is the result of a short-term event such as stress, medication or pregnancy and once the event is over, the hair will grow back. However, with some people, hair loss is a problem that they have to deal with for the rest of their lives. It is long-term instead of short-term.

The main cause of hair loss

One of the main causes of hair loss is androgenic alopecia which affects seventy percent of men and forty percent of women at some point in their lifetime. Scientists believed for a very long time that androgenic alopecia was caused by testosterone which is the male sex hormone that is also present to a certain extent in women; however, while testosterones are the core of the balding process, they are not the main culprit. The main culprit behind male or female pattern baldness is a derivative of testosterone known as Dihydrotestosterone (DHT). This hormone cause the hair follicles on the head to die by shrinking them, making it impossible for them to survive resulting in hair loss. 

So how exactly does testosterone become Dihydrotestosterone? Well, there is an enzyme known as Type II 5-alpha reductase which is found in the oil glands of the hair follicle. This enzyme converts testosterone into Dihydrotestosterone. This conversion of testosterone into Dihydrotestosterone is not just a men's issue. It also occurs in women which is why some women also go bald. Although androgenic alopecia is the main cause of hair loss, it does not result in total hair loss in men and women. In men, the hair loss beings above the temples and vertex of the scalp and progresses until a rim of hair is left at the sides and rear of the head while in women, the hair loss results in a diffuse thinning process. 

Other Causes of Hair Loss

Another cause of hair loss is the medical condition known as alopecia areata which is the condition that describes hair that falls out in round patches on the scalp or on other parts of the body. In addition to alopecia areata, it can also be caused by chemotherapeutic agents or other forms of drugs and anaemia. Women may also suffer from post-partum telogen effluvium which is the result of your body going through a traumatic event such as child birth, a major surgery, extreme stress or malnutrition. This can impact their hair greatly resulting in the loss of hair temporary. In most cases, telogen effluvium can last up to a year which can be very distressing to women and can greatly influence their self confidence.

Treating Hair Loss and Male/Female Baldness

There are corrective treatments available for hair loss; however before deciding the correct treatment, an appropriate interrogatory and blood tests should be done to find out the cause of alopecia. There are many who believe that treating baldness naturally is possible especially based on the fact that it is mainly caused by a hormonal imbalance. Hair regrowth is possible naturally by changing your lifestyle and by making sure that specific vitamins and minerals are included in your daily diet to ensure that the hormonal imbalance is taken care of. However, it is important to understand that treating alopecia naturally is a process that takes time and is not a “quick fix”.

There are also a variety of hair treatments available for alopecia. Some treatments work for some individuals while they do not work for others. In some people, it is possible to treat alopecia while in others it is not and they would either have to consider wearing a wig, wearing their baldness with pride or having a hair surgery. Finasteride and minoxidil are two medicines which are available as treatment options for alopecia. Finasteride is a tablet that is to be taken on a daily basis to prevent testosterones from converting into dihydrotesterone. It is only available on prescription basis. Minoxidil is a lotion that is rubbed onto the scalp on a daily basis and is the only medication available for female-pattern baldness. It basically works by growing back the hair lost or stopping the hair loss process. It can be purchased from a pharmacy without a prescription.


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