Where To Buy Marine Collagen Online?

Collagen is considered one of today’s superfoods, and a staple in the health and beauty industries. Recently, this protein has become widely accepted as a food supplement, available in capsules, powder and even liquid form! The most common form of collagen supplement is a powder, which is used in cooking or stirred into drinks.

A lot of studies have been conducted to find out more about this wonder nutrient and its beneficial properties to the body. Collagen is widely encouraged as a “beauty from within” nutri-cosmetic. It is mostly taken in its hydrolyzed or peptide form as it is easier and faster to digest and absorb into the bloodstream. Having been popularized as the perfect remedy for skin blemishes, a simple search online will tell you that this superfood is more than just beautiful skin and silky long hair.

Defining Collagen 

Did you know that the body produces its own collagen? Yes, it is the most abundant protein in the body. It is a major building block for the skin, bones, tendons, cartilage and connective tissue. Additionally, it is found in the intestines, fingernails as well as other organs such as the uterus. It is pliable yet sturdy enough to hold the body together.

Collagen is most abundant in the body when young. As the years go by, the body’s production of collagen slows down and ultimately stops by the time one hits the sixties. This, coupled with poor diet and lifestyle choices, toxins, environmental problems and accumulation of toxins in the body, reduces the body’s collagen levels. These occurrences result in sun-damaged skin, signs of ageing such as wrinkles and fine lines, brittle nails, thinning nails as well as muscle tone loss become apparent. 

The body needs collagen to reverse the effects of age and harsh environments. As such, companies have taken it upon themselves to get collagen from other sources and create supplements that are easily absorbed in the human body. There are two sources of collagen supplements that are common in the market today.

• Marine collagen which is sourced from marine animals such as fish

• Bovine collagen peptides sourced from cows

• Porcine collagen sourced from pigs

These supplements are mostly neutral in taste and can be used in other foods, though a few people claim to perceive fish taste in marine collagen. All of these supplements are effective, depending on their concentration. 

Which collagen type is best for you?

It is important to note that all collagen types are useful to the body. However, there are types that are absorbed faster than others depending on their source and preparation process. 

The collagen that human bodies produce is mostly hydroxyproline, glycine and proline. These are the same elements that make up marine collagen. Additionally, they occur in roughly the same ratios as human collagen. 

Marine collagen peptides are considerably smaller than those of bovine or porcine collagen, which make them more easily absorbed into the body system. This collagen type is known to be rich in hydroxyproline, which forms a great part of healthy skin.

Skinful marine collagen is tasteless. This makes it easy to use in your favourite beverages and you will not even notice that you are taking it! Depending on the extraction, there are some sensitive people who have claimed to perceive fishy taste. Before you make a purchase online, be sure to read the reviews. They will give you insights on the quality and characteristics of the particular collagen you are interested in.

Did you know that some collagen supplements can be damaged by heat? This is the reason why you should read the label and special instructions that come with the supplements so that you see the recommended options when it comes to taking your collagen. The good thing about marine collagen is that it can withstand high temperatures, up to 3000C. This means that marine collagen applications in baked or cooked items and drinks doesn’t affect efficacy.

Marine Collagen Supplements

Marine collagen is sourced from fish skins, and it is known for its hypoallergenic properties. The fish skins used are sourced from the food industry. Once the fish is prepared to be shipped to various destinations and food outlets, the remaining skins are then thoroughly cleaned. Once clean, the skins are hydrolyzed with the help of a food grade enzyme and an acid. This process yields marine collagen peptides, which are known for their low molecular weight which makes them easy to digest and absorb. 

Ideally, collagen is made up of the same amino acids. However, marine collagen contains higher amounts of Proline and Glycine amino acids compared to the porcine or bovine collagen. These amino acids are particularly important in promoting healthy nails, hair and skin.

Why Consider Marine Collagen?

Marine collagen is primarily comprised of type I and type III collagen. These are the types that are known to promote skin hydration and elasticity, growth of healthy hair and nails as well as supports bone strength, joint function and health as well as general body composition. Here are more reasons why you may want to consider taking marine collagen.

• Skin hydration and elasticity

Recent studies have shown that oral marine collagen supplements alleviate signs of ageing such as loss of skin elasticity and hydration. Additionally, a recent study showed that marine collagen peptides drastically improved dermal/epidermal thickness, sebum seduction and collagen density in only 2 months when combined with plant-based antioxidants. The general recommended dosage for optimal skin health is 10,000mg daily.

• Healthy nails

Studies have shown that taking the daily recommended dosage of bioactive molecules in collagen peptides leads to improved nail growth. Additionally, it helps fix brittle nails as well as significantly reduce the frequency of nail breakage. 

• Stable blood sugar

According to the findings of a study conducted in 2016 by Alberta Diabetes Institution, people with type 2 diabetes have a lower level of circulating glycine. Marine collagen has substantial levels of glycine in its amino acid profile, which may help in stabilizing the body’s blood sugars. As such, before you make a purchase, check the amino acid profile of the marine collagen supplement. Additionally, if you are taking the supplement to help with you blood sugars, make sure to consult your doctor so that you can go through the necessary tests and discuss your options.

• Reduced inflammation

Collagen is one of the elements in the body that is responsible for smooth joint movements. Joint issues such as arthritis are aggravated by reduced collagen levels. As such, an increase in collagen in the body gets the joints moving smoothly hereby reducing pains and inflammation caused by stiff joints.

• Thyroid hormone boosts and brain health

Glycine is one of the amino acids that calms down the brain and gives you better sleep. This amino acid reduces the brain’s excess excitement, which allows the mind to relax and focus on other tasks.

Collagen is also known to boost the levels of thyroid hormone by simply balancing the proteins in the body. Additionally, it lowers the body’s cortisol level which in turn boosts the liver’s ability to produce active T3 thyroid hormone.

Choosing the Best Marine Collagen

A simple search online will give you an overwhelming number of results. So, how do you know which marine collagen supplements are the best? Well, here are a few pointers to consider when buying marine collagen online.

• Wild-caught marine collagen

There are different sources of marine collagen, as will be evident to you once you start window shopping. There are manufacturers who source collagen from a marine sponge or factory-farmed fish. While collagen from farmed fish and life saving limpets is still okay, the best is sourced from wild, non-GMO cod. Before you make a purchase, make sure you read the label and verify the source.

• The percentage of collagen in the supplement

As you will find out pretty soon, there are endless suppliers, each of whom has their own unique product. When making a purchase, choose the purest form of collagen you can get. Avoid collagen supplements that are loaded with additives such as flavours, dyes and fillers. Genuine manufacturers usually include information of all the ingredients in the supplements and their quantities.

• Testing and permissions

It is important that you buy collagen from manufacturers who publish results of their tests as well as approvals from the relevant authorities. Be sure to check for third party approvals of their products. Marine products are prone to have traces of heavy metal residues so be sure to get your collagen from duly licensed and approved manufacturers. You can simply search online to see if the manufacturer has published any of that information on either their platforms or third party platforms.

• Confirm the amino acid profile

Marine collagen should contain substantial amounts of hydroxyproline, glycine and proline. Genuine manufacturers are always honest about the amino acid profile of their collagen supplements. It is advisable to make your purchase from reputable suppliers who stock products from genuine, dully accredited manufacturers.

• Bioavailability and molecular weight

Differing collagen types have equally varying bioavailability. This means that there are varying degrees at which the collagen is absorbed and stays active in the body depending on the type you take. The lower the molecular size of the collagen, the easier it is to absorb through the intestinal wall into the bloodstream. Marine collagen is known to have the lowest molecular weight, making it the most easily absorbed collagen type.

To verify the bioavailability of the collagen you choose, check the molecular weight which is commonly measured in Daltons. Any collagen that has 3000 to 6000 Daltons in molecular weight will have high bioavailability.

• Shipping policy and payment safety

Always look at the policies that the seller puts out. Look at the guarantee, return policy as well as shipping policy, time and costs. Look at the safety measures the seller has put in place to ensure that your payment information is secured and not at risk of access by hackers and fraudsters. Avoid making payments on sites that do not have the basic SSL certification on the URL.

Side Effects of Marine Collagen

Generally, collagen supplements are known to work well even while on medication. However, it is important to know that a few people have reported some side effects associated with taking a collagen supplement.

Some people have reported mild diarrhoea and in other rare cases, mild skin rashes. While marine collagen supplement helps in improving gut health, it is best taken with food. This combination helps sensitive people avoid gastrointestinal problems.

It is also important to note that a few people who take collagen supplements have reported feeling thirstier compared to ordinary days when they do not take the supplements. The thirst gets worse when they take more proteins. If you do experience this issue, it is advisable to take as much water as you need to.

If you are allergic to any form of marine life, especially shellfish or fish in general, it is advisable to stay away from marine collagen. It is also advisable to avoid collagen powder if you have ever had a case of kidney stones or have a prevailing kidney issue including kidney disease. 

If you have any prevailing ailment or are breastfeeding or pregnant, it is important to consult your doctor before you start taking collagen supplements. This is because exceeding your daily protein recommendations when suffering from some ailments can cause serious health issues. 

Collagen Supplement Formulation

Did you know that the dermis layer of your skin is made up of about 80% of the type 1 collagen, 15% of type 3 collagen and the rest is extracellular and hyaluronic acid? Well, now you do. These three components work together to give the skin elasticity, structure and firmness

Collagen supplements on their own have positive effects. But for more powerful results, take a supplement that contains synergistic formulation with those 3 components. If you are taking supplements to get healthy skin, take supplements with these 3 elements as well as other anti-ageing ingredients so as to get a firm, smooth, young skin.

Hydrolyzed marine collagen should be the key active ingredient in your supplement. Other ingredients apart from the aforementioned three can be Vitamin C, grape seed extract as well as ceramide. These extra ingredients boost the absorption of the collagen into the body as well as provide offer effective anti-aging benefits. With such a combination, you will notice reduced wrinkles and fine lines, improved skin firmness and better skin hydration. All of these are necessary in protecting the skin against free radicals.

Sugars and Preservatives in Marine Collagen Supplements

 Hydrolyzed collagen, on its own, tends have a strong aftertaste according to some people. This is the reason why sweeteners and sugars are added to it to make it palatable to a wider range of people. The trick is to get a supplement that has healthy sweeteners rather than just sugar if you want to get the most out of your collagen intake. Healthy sweeteners do not compromise the quality of your collagen nor do they contribute to the detriment of your health.

It is unfortunate that a lot of manufacturers who are trying to cut costs add unhealthy sugars such as fructose corn syrup to supplements. Because it is cheap, they add a lot of it to mask the low quality of collagen used to make the supplement.

Look at the list of ingredients on the supplement before you make a purchase. Stay away from artificial sweeteners such as sucralose and aspartame as they cause long term health problems.

The best sweeteners to look for in your collagen supplement should be one of the options that are plant-based with a low GI (Glycemic Index). Some of these healthy sweetening options include raw honey, Stevia, palm sugar, molasses and coconut sugar. For healthy skin, choose a supplement that has healthy sweetener without preservatives.

Marine Collagen Concentration, Potency and Dosage

Multiple clinical studies confirm that ingesting high amounts of hydrolyzed collagen increases the skin’s thickness which reduces wrinkles. These studies were done based on daily consumption of 10,000mg of hydrolyzed collagen for 6 to 8 weeks.

There are some manufacturers with products that have a potency of more than 10,000mg of premium marine collagen peptides, which contain 90% type I collagen and 10% type III collagen for every 1.7 oz serving. 

High collagen doses trigger wound repair response. This is a body process that identifies and repairs bad collagen in the dermis through stimulating new collagen growth which in turn gets rid of wrinkles and fine lines.

The proper dosage should be centred on the concentration of collagen per serving. The minimum dosage should be 10,000mg per serving if you want to see any results in improved wellness and skin firmness. It takes about 6 to 8 weeks to see the results of the collagen you are taking. Younger adults (who are below 35 years), their daily recommended dosage is lower, up to 5,000mg. This is basically sufficient to produce the results of general body wellness.

Powder versus Pills versus Liquid; the Collagen Debate

The never-ending debate revolves around which is the best form of collagen supplements. The truth is, the composition is what matters, not the form; none is better than the other. The option you choose will depend on how you wish to use the collagen.  

In some cases, people are afraid that they may not like the taste of the liquid collagen supplement. Those who have an easily excited gag reflex also tend to shy away from liquid supplements. However, today’s liquid supplements are pretty great in taste.

Bio-availability is the most important feature of the supplement you choose as it will determine its efficacy. Supplements or nutrients in general, that are highly bio-available are easily digested and absorbed into the body.

Liquid collagen supplements are the most highly bio-available option in the market today. It is important to note that some pills have very little collagen in them, which makes you take a few of them daily in order to reach the recommended minimum daily dosage. The pills are also not highly bioavailable making them harder to digest and absorb into the body.

Liquid collagen supplements are scarcer and tend to be pricier compared to pills and powder options. This is because there are few manufacturers with the proprietary technology to produce high quality, high potency collagen in liquid form.

Powder collagen supplements are pretty popular across the board. This is because it has a variety of applications. Powdered collagen, depending on the type, can be used in baking, cooking, can be added in tea, juice, coffee and pretty much be an extra ingredient in any meal. Powdered hydrolyzed collagen is also available in a variety of sweetened or flavoured forms.

FAQs on Marine Collagen

Here are some of the most frequently asked questions pertaining to marine collagen. If you have any questions that fall outside of this simple guide to some of the most asked question, you can always search for the answer online by your specific question or reach out to your health care service provider.

• Why is collagen so important?

Other than water, the most abundant substance in the human body is collagen. It is an essential component in muscles, ligaments, tendons, healthy skin, teeth bones, fascia, nails and hair. It is basically the glue that holds everything in the human body together. The human body makes its own collagen. However, with age, the production lowers which brings about a myriad of health issues as well as make the signs of ageing prominent. When such health issues occur, you can consider taking collagen supplements so as to keep the body organs and functions as healthy as when you were younger.

• How can I increase the body’s collagen production without supplements?

It is possible to help your body to increase its own collagen production without necessarily taking supplements. It is advisable, especially when younger, to create an optimal environment for the body to make its own collagen as opposed to taking supplements. 

Start by getting rid of the factors that inhibit the body’s ability to produce its own collagen. Additionally, create a conducive environment for collagen synthesis by taking plenty of Vitamin C. Your diet should contain healthy amounts of colourful fruits as well as leafy greens and other vegetables. You can also drink bone broth as it supports collagen production.

There are many factors that inhibit collagen production. Avoid taking too much sugar, alcohol or caffeine as they affect the body’s ability to produce collagen. Additionally, reduce sun over-exposure as it contributes to skin damage.

• How often should collagen supplements be taken?

Collagen supplements are best taken daily. Once the body’s system slows down on the synthesis of its own collagen, it is time to start taking the supplements. The body’s collagen production starts to slow down in the 20s. The truth is that we rarely get the recommended daily amounts of collagen from our diet, hence the need for supplements. This is why it is important that you pick the most potent collagen supplement so as to ensure that the body has the amount it needs to keep everything healthy.

• Is collagen effective when added to my daily face cream?

Collagen molecules in skincare products such as creams are too large to be absorbed through the skin. It is important to note that adding collagen to your daily creams is safe, but not effective. As such, collagen is best ingested so that it is digested then absorbed into the bloodstream. Once absorbed, the collagen is distributed to the areas of your body that needs it, including skin, nails, hair and joints.

While collagen in body creams may not be absorbed into the bloodstream and hence ineffective, it does not cause any fine lines or wrinkles. If anything, these creams protect the skin from environmental pollution and keep the skin hydrated. However, in order to fix your skin in a more effective way within a short time, collagen is best made a part of your daily dietary intake.

• Do supplements impact the body’s own natural collagen?

Yes, collagen supplement stimulates the body’s production of its own collagen. The ingested collagen does not have any negative effect on the body’s own natural collagen. At this point, it is important to note that you need to be careful about the supplements you choose to take. For example, if you are allergic to any form of marine life, it is best that you avoid taking marine collagen. This is because being a derivative of marine animals; the collagen can stir up the same allergic reaction as the marine animals themselves.

• What is the shelf life of marine collagen supplements?

In most cases, the supplements have a shelf life of about 3 years. However, different manufacturers have varying production methods which may affect the shelf life of the supplement depending on the source, type and form in which it is presented. Therefore, before you make any purchase, look at the date of manufacture, packaging and expiry of the particular product that you wish to buy.

• Is collagen the same as gelatin?

No. Gelatin is a substance that is produced from collagen that is derived from animals. It is popular for its gel-like properties which make it useful in making cheesecake, jelly, vitamin casings and soft candy such as gummies. It does not have any colour, smell or taste, and it is available in powder form. It is usually brittle when it is dry and gummy when it is moist.

Collagen, on the other hand, does not have any gelling properties, thanks to its low molecular weight. However, it can dissolve in water regardless of the temperature without foaming, emulsifying or binding together. This is why you will find most people adding it to juice, tea, coffee and lattes.

Gelatin features long amino acid trains. Collagen, once hydrolyzed, features short chains of amino acids which are referred to as peptides. Hydrolyzation is done to increase collagen’s bioavailability and uptake into the blood system through the intestinal wall.

• I am diabetic; can I still take collagen supplements?

Yes; in fact, blood sugars are said to be easily stabilized by hydrolyzed marine collagen. Studies have shown that low levels of glycine amino acid (one of the key components of collagen) induce impaired glucose tolerance. Having inadequate glycine in the body is also associated with insulin resistance which ultimately causes diabetes. While the body produces its own glycine, the levels drop with age, creating a need to increase its intake. Collagen is by far the most superior source of glycine compared to all other protein sources.

• Does heat damage collagen?

While many dietary items lose their nutritional value when subjected to high temperatures, collagen holds up pretty well. This is because the concentration of amino acids in each peptide is so high that it needs extremely high temperatures to break. 

Collagen peptides remain stable in temperatures up to 3000C. To put this into perspective, water boils at 1000C. This means that you can comfortably add your collagen to both hot and cold drinks without fear of rendering it useless. You can also use in baking and cooking so long as the temperature does not exceed 3000C. It is advisable to read the instructions contained on the package of the product you wish to buy. This is because differing processed of producing collagen results in varying characteristics of the final product. As such, be sure to confirm the recommended temperatures for the particular product you wish to purchase.

• When is the best time to take collagen supplement?

There is an endless debate as to what is the most effective time to take collagen supplements. For starters, most people think that it is most effective when taken first thing in the morning on an empty stomach. Some think that it is best taken at night as the body cells are rejuvenated as one sleeps.

The truth is that there is no optimum time to take your collagen supplement, as long as you take the recommended daily dose. The recommended daily dose should be a minimum of 10,000mg of pure collagen for an adult. The amount of supplement you take daily will depend on the concentration of collagen in that supplement. 

The body digests the collagen the same way whether it is taken alongside other food items or not. There are no studies yet that show that taking the supplement at specific time is more effective than taking it at any other time of the day.


Buying marine collagen online is easy and convenient. You have the luxury of checking out several stores and analyzing the products profiles and information before making a purchase.

Once you have identified the perfect product, you only need to check out and it will be delivered to you. When making a purchase, consider the shipping terms as well as the safety of your personal information. Never share your personal information with anyone and do not put your card details in sites that are unsecured.

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